Checklist and logistics. What do I have to do when I'm nominated?

Your primary contact for the African FinTech Awards is Ms Maud Meijvis,

  1. Update your company profile (panel of judges will vote based on your profile). Your login credentials have been send via email. Click here to login.
  2. Place the button indicating that you are a nominee for the African FinTech Top 100 on your webpage. Link to your company profile on FinTech Africa to show visitors that you are about to become one of the best African FinTech companies. Your website’s visitors can immediately help you into the Top 100! (will follow soon)
  3. Share your nomination on social media, your website, newsletters etc. and get as many votes as possible. (Voting will start 19 June 2017)
  4. Draft text for communication: We are nominated to be included in the Top 100 of the African FinTech Awards 12 October 2017. The African FinTech Awards is the place where innovative and disruptive FinTech companies are awarded by a top-notch jury panel. To see who the other nominees are check More importantly: click on the button to like us now and vote for us in 2017.
  5. Make sure to post daily updates on your status in the voting competition on all social media channels. For Twitter use: @FinTech_Africa with the handle #AFTA17.
  6. Make sure you are aware of the selection process and who are the members of the panel of judges.
  7. Fill out the form. The top 100 (!) FinTech companies join the African FinTech Awards event for free. Meaning one ticket free of charge is available to one executive.
  8. The public voting competition for the Public Awards ends on the 11 October 2017. FinTech companies within each category with the most votes at that time will win the “Public Award”. The Public Awards will be announced online.

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