AccessMoney (from Access Bank)

Payment Beyond Limits

AccessMoney is a product of collaboration between Access Bank and Airtel. AccessMoney received its operating license in December 2013. Since then, we have grown our subscriber base to about 4m customers and 7,000 agents. Our goal is to provide leadership in the promotion of inclusive financial access through the adoption of innovative payment technologies. Among other initiatives, we are providing payment support services to the World Food Programme and other institutions in Nigeria. Through the programme, we have provided livelihood support to about 100,000 individuals left behind by war in the North-East. AccessMoney has also been chosen by the government of Nigeria for the disbursement of Social Safety-Net payments to millions of Nigerians. In addition, AccessMoney has been adopted by Micro-Finance Institutions to deliver quick access to micro-loans to Nigerians. Our target is to provide access to funding to at least 3 million Nigerians within the next one year. AccessMoney is delivered as a USSD service and Mobile application and can be accessed from across all Nigerian mobile networks. With AccessMoney you can receive and transfer funds from wallets and bank accounts, pay bills, deposit and withdraw cash from agents and ATMs, as well as initiate and receive instant loans seamlessly.

Name CEO: Herbert Wigwe
Company founded in: 1989
Country: Nigeria
Twitter: @myAccessBank
Category: Payments & Transfers


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