Attijariwafa Bank

Ethics, leadership, engagement, solidarity, citizenship

Attijariwafa Bank is a leading banking and financial group in Maghreb. With 7.4 million costumers and16.716 employees, it is a pan-African multinational. The bank is present in 24 contries and gives priority to the proximity to its costumers.

Our values define the foundation of our corporate culture. They inspire our strategic approach and the ethics and ethical principles that govern our lives and give identity to our bank. These values unite the teams within our bank. They encourage women and men of Attijariwafa bank to do the maximum, so their company is "national champion" of banking and finance.

Our missions

  • Provide the legal and social framework for the Group to develop its activities in the whole of the European Economic Area. 
  • Continue to offer innovative solutions and services to the Moroccan community living in Europe.
  • Actively contribute to the development of trade between Europe, North Africa and French-speaking Africa

Our objectives

  • Become the main contact and preferred partner for Moroccan nationals in Europe
  • Extend our activities and our services to nationals of other North African and African communities.
  • Be the leading partner for European companies operating in the North and West African markets and North African and French-speaking African companies developing business in Europe. 
  • Support investment in North African countries and new businesses in Africa.


Name CEO: Mohamed el-Kettani
Company founded in: 1904
Country: Morocco
Twitter: @attijariwafab
Category: Incumbent Banks


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