Bamba Pos

The POS solution that's simple, stylish and affordable

Cloud-based systems empower businesses of all sizes to think big. With online software, even small business owners can have access to the same types of tools larger companies use to make daily business decisions to run a smarter, more profitable business. When your sales, customer relationship management and other business metrics can be automatically measured, you can save time and earn more money. Who doesn’t want that?

Do your sales on the tablet POS: Use your tablet to pick or scan the products your customers are buying, and collect their payment

Accept any means of payment: Get paid via VISA, MasterCard, supported local bank cards and mobile payments at no extra cost

Manage your store from anywhere: Manage staff accounts and keep track of your daily sales and cash flow using any Internet enabled device form any location.

What else?
- Add and organize your items for sale on the POS
- Give receipts to your clients by print, text or email
- View your items in categories and favorites, and even the most sold item in your stock
- Add multiple stores
- Gain social exposure and easily market with in-app tools
- Connect with your customers and drive them back with targeted emails
- Accept mobile and card payments
- Create and edit discounts to your clients, on products/ items you choose
- Interactive backend to view your transaction history in details, summary or periodic activity
- Maximize your profits from your sales data analysis
- Reward your clients with rewards they really want and can only get at your business
- Retain your loyal customers and get new ones with your retail experience
- Work both online and offline

Name CEO: Meshack Alloys
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @bambapos
Category: Payments & Transfers


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