Blockchain Powered Solutions and Services

Bankymoon is a software and consulting firm with expertise in Blockchain technologies. We develop bespoke solutions for clients who require Bitcoin and other crypto-currency integrations. 

The first and most well-known Blockchain is called Bitcoin.

At it’s most fundamental it is a distributed transaction ledger which is encrypted, stored and verified for consistency in a peer-to-peer network.

It enables, for the first time in history, digital assets to be transferred safely and securely and the ownership of those assets to be verifiable by independent parties.

Researchers and innovators are only just beginning to uncover the vast potential these distributed ledgers have to improve the efficiency and speed of systems in industries such as finance and medicine.

To be able to integrate into private or public blockchains it is important to understand their capabilities and limitations. Not all problems can be solved using the technology and many opportunities can easily be overlooked.

We provide insight and technical expertise to support our clients on this journey.

Name CEO: Lorien Gamaroff
Company founded in: 2014
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @TheBankyMoon
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


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