Making it super easy to use (buy/sell/accept) bitcoin in Africa

If you live in Africa, and if you're not among the few elite, then you know how difficult it is to get access to basic financial services and in the few cases that you can, it's usually very expensive. In the few cases that you can move money across the border, you pay more 10% of the money you're moving in fees; in the few cases that you can get a loan, it's at unfair and unreasonable terms; And today, more african's are connected to the internet than ever before but they most have no means to make online payments or collect and do business in this new world. These problems are not just for individuals - organisations and governments have problems doing business because of the friction involved in moving money. bitcoin solves all of these problems today. And we make it super easy for any person/organisation/device/app to use bitcoin in Africa.

Name CEO: Tawanda Kembo
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Zimbabwe
Twitter: @bitcoinfundi
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


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