Bizcash (Pty) Ltd

Bizcash solves your business cash flow

Cash flow burdens are one of the biggest challenges facing companies across South Africa. With companies losing productivity, profitability and even shutting down due to cash flow issues, no industry is unaffected. SMEs are particularly vulnerable, and part of the problem is that products available from traditional lenders are often unsuitable and have cumbersome credit requirements. SMEs form the backbone of the economy, and their sustainability is critical for both the growth of the economy as well as job creation. With the needs of SMEs in mind, Bizcash was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, in order to be part of the solution. Partnered with Reichmans Capital, the Bizcash system is designed to empower businesses by providing a new way of thinking about cash flow. We help your business close cash flow gaps by turning your outstanding debtor’s invoices into instant cash. Not only are the repayments small but you have the flexibility to use this innovative solution if and when your business requires. Bizcash links directly into your accounting package to make getting cash against your invoices even simpler. With the ability to control your cash flow, Bizcash gives you the power to steer your business forward.

Name CEO: Martin Freeman
Company founded in: 2016
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @BizcashSA
Category: Lending & Financing


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