Cellulant is an award-winning mobile payments company operating a one-stop payments ecosystem in Africa; connecting financial sector customers, Mobile Network Operators and businesses to their increasingly mobile consumers.
Cellulant now operates in 11 countries, with a growing workforce of 250 employees across the African continent. Driven by the mission to build a world class business in Africa, for Africa and by Africans; the company’s ecosystem connects over 95 banks, 30 Mobile Network Operators, several Government-backed e-Wallets and more than 600 blue chip companies .
As of January 2017, roughly 12% of Africa’s mobile consumers can make payments using Cellulant’s services and products. Currently, the company powers three core products for consumers across Africa: Mula, Tingg and Agrikore
Mula is a bill payment platform that provides a convenient cashless and secure solution for paying your bills(airtime,power,tokens,water,Tv and parking) all in one app.
Tingg is a one stop, cashless and convenient payment solution that enables customers to make and receive payments and access banking services all from a single platform.
AgriKore, also know as the eWallet, is a seamless technology that connects everyone to everything in Agriculture. As an enterprise system, Agrikore provides easy access to finance, quality inputs, and connection to prospective markets for farmers, This technology enabled Nigeria to increase its food production by an average of 21 million Metric tonnes annually from 2012 – 2015; a period of falling food prices and abundance food availability. Out of Nigeria Cellulant has exported this technology to other African countries in francophone and Anglophone Africa such as Liberia, Togo Uganda etc.

Name CEO: Ken Njoroge
Company founded in: 2004
Country: Kenya
Website: www.cellulant.com
Twitter: @Cellulant
Category: Payments & Transfers


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