Chura limited

Do so much more with your airtime and mobile money

On airtime; Chura allows you to access all the network providers resources from a single point. On payments; Chura allows you to transfer money from international payment platforms such as PayPal to your local mobile money service such as Mpesa and vice versa. Chura aims to ease interoperability across the different networks. Kenya is a multi-SIM environment and each mobile network operator has its own unique strengths e.g. Network A is good for data, Network B is excellent in voice calls and network C has an affordable SMS service. This environment has led to mobile service users averaging more than one SIM card from the different service providers and getting all this resources proves to be a problem for the user . We have created a platform that allows users to access all the network providers resources from a single point. The Kenyan local mobile money ecosystem has grown in leaps and bounds however there is a disconnect between it and the international payment systems such as PayPal. People using mobile money are unable to deposit money or withdrawal money from this international payment systems because of lack of integration among the two systems. Chura has created a platform that has integrated PayPal and payment processors such as Visa and Master-card to local mobile money system such as Mpesa.

Name CEO: samuel Njogu
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @chura_co_ke
Category: Payments & Transfers


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