Circle Group Savings and Investment

Africa's first group savings and investment mobile app

The high cost of accessing financial services in Africa has affected our ability to save money, make investments and create wealth. Over 80% of the population in Africa is excluded from the global financial system and keeps small cash amounts per household. This pauses a threat to security and causes endemic poverty. Using our Circle app however, we can now conveniently, securely and affordably save money with friends and family. At any moment, one can create multiple group saving accounts, make monthly contributions using M-Pesa (mobile money) or their bank cards, and withdraw their savings directly to their mobile phone or bank account when they reach their goal. We reward bonus money each time a member deposits to their Circle accounts to add value to their saving experience and we offer financial literacy content to the public free of charge. We believe that the journey to financial prosperity in Africa begins with our ability to save money effectively and we offer the best solution for this.

Name CEO: Patrick Awori
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @CircleBanking
Category: Innovative Banking


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