Imagine you don't have to pay in full for your purchases today but rather pay equal monthly instalments over time. CowriePay allows you to do just that. As confirmed by the our research, majority of the middle-class in Nigeria do not have access to consumer financing due to the cumbersome application process and lack of credit reference data, and most of the time rely on the informal sector with the associated cost and risks. To solve this, we have designed and implemented a one-of-a-kind solution that allows merchants and retailers to offer consumer financing at the POS. (Finance@POS) backed by by their employers. Extend your staff benefits through CowriePay: Your staff can now get financing of up to 3x their monthly pay when buying big ticket items like furniture, home appliances, electronics, computers etc. Payment is then spread into 6-12 equal monthly instalments to be taken directly from the staff salaries. Transparency The process is transparent to the borrower and the employers. Your company will have access to our portal in order to enrol staff members and monitor monthly returns. Your enrolled staff members will have access to their activities details including listing of purchases and payments deducted from their salaries. Seamless Process The payment process is fully automated. CowriePay, will send monthly payment schedule for direct debit after your vetting and approval. This information is available on the portal at any time. Competitive Interest Rates We are continuously working with financial services providers to provide the best rates to our borrowers. Our rates will ALWAYS be lower than the payday/cash interest rates (industry average) Responsible Lender CowriePay is a responsible lender. Borrowers can only borrow 3x their monthly salary at any given time. Repayment starts on the next salary payment, if loan is taken before the 15th day of the month, otherwise repayment is started on the next salary period/month. Likewise, Loan repayments cannot exceed 12 months. In addition to our proprietary Scoring System, CowriePay is also partnering with the Credit Bureaux to help customers build their credit profile. CowriePay is an Aggregator on the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System.

Name CEO: Malik I Sule
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Nigeria
Twitter: @CowrieP
Category: Lending & Financing


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