Platform based on the Blockchain network that allows to any business company to integrate this technology. is an integral manager based on Blockchain payments, which allows any physical or online business to adapt into the new technologies in an easy, secure and fast way. We allow front facing the changes that are living the actual payment systems, providing a service that saves the cost of have a specialized team to deal with the internal management of this kind of new technology.
We are the first platform exclusively designed for a business management, all kind of business can manage these types of payments and suit it for their own needs because the customization options are multiple.

We also allow that business can accept payments with multiple cryptocurrencies and receive the amount directly in the FIAT currency they want like euro, dollar… etc. This is because we developed a software to have security connections to a lot of exchanges around the world, so all the business that want to offer this services for his customers and don't want to stock this cryptocurrencies for unknown or low reliability , they also can make it.
We also have more features than our competitors, such as ‘’Fast payment’’, which allows to charge to the customer at the point of sale without a TPV in the cryptocurrency that you want.

Name CEO: Víctor García Pastor
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Spain
Twitter: @criptopay
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


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