Crowd Valley

Crowd Valley provides digital infrastructure for digital finance platforms accessible through an API.

Crowd Valley is a digital back-office provider for financial applications. We are a finance technology company focused on the online investing and lending infrastructure. A structure that enables online investing and lending applications with Digital Back Office and an open API, nowadays supported over 100 clients in the market, and over 70 integrated service partners. Setting up and launching a full online finance marketplace or even moving some of your firm's existing manual operations online can take many months from the initial scoping and planning process through to full launch. Platforms that run on top of the Crowd Valley API can be extremely complex, as they need to take into account user behaviors, operational business requirements, compliance, securities regulations, and many other factors. However, many customers also have short-term needs to set up a 'minimum viable product' that can demonstrate the basic functionality of a finance platform to their initial stakeholders, such as investors, regulators, or early customers. With this second group in mind, Crowd Valley has launched a series of Starter Applications, which are designed to be downloaded and installed in minutes. Whatever is your need when modernizing your financing processes, Crowd Valley's experienced team can help you with our knowledge and tools to do it!

Name CEO: Markus Lampinen
Company founded in: 2012
Country: United States
Category: Lending & Financing


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