@Cubebuck offer the solution to digitize money, backed by the security and safety of the #cryptocurrency #blockchain.

People need banking, not banks. With the world of Digital currency in its infancy and exposed to a highly volatile market with radical value fluctuations this system seem far removed from every day use by most people. The reality is that people need exchange security between the value of their dollar income from sales and the digital currency they accept. This is a feature that is missing at the moment in the market. Cubebucks As a seed startup aim to offer the stability of exchange between the US $ and digital currency by applying an application layer to the block chain protocol. The block chain and all digital payments are in need of a middel ware to facilitate easy access and transferability between them. By having a middelware value system linked to physical resource any value system and trade mechanism can be accommodated on the innovative model presented by the Cubebucks virtual currency system. When you convert your asset to qb, you are assured that the value loaded or received today has the same value when you wish to trade;

Cubebucks is a virtual currency developed on block chain technology that fixes the value of the digital currency called qb to value in your local market against the price fix of AU Gold on the Londen Metal Exchange against the US $; Cubebucks will maintain a balance of accounts in a combination of bank currencies, #Bitcoin and gold reserve, that will secure the exchange ability of Cubebucks for Bitcoin (BTC) or Vanilla currency value. The currency reserve security will be held in trust structured safekeeping structures. A ratio of vanilla cash and BTC will be maintained to service daily demands and fund transfer transactions.

Cubebucks developed their Crypto currency ledger using PBFT algorithm developed at MIT. The algorithm is the core foundation of the system combined with the Bitcoin proof of work authentication method.

Name CEO: Jan Mackay
Company founded in: 2015
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @Cubebucks
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


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