e4 Strategic (Pty) Ltd

Virtual Identity digitally enables the FICA process for accountable institutions.

Virtual Identity is a digital solution and takes the pain out of the FICA process for clients and institutions alike. Virtual Identity is accessible over the Web or through an App (Android & iOS). This allows a client to interact with an institution over a video conferencing link, facilitating a face-to-face discussion. The client can supply evidence of their identity and proof of address by taking photos of their original documents and submitting them to the Agent for review and approval. This is an easy to use solution that allows a client to complete the tedious FICA process from the comfort of their home and in under 5 minutes. Institutions obtain all required documentation and have full audit records of the process and they can fulfill all their obligations without the physical meeting. Features: • Sources data from the Deeds Office, Home Affairs and Credit Bureaus to save time in recapturing information about the client. • Performs facial recognition across photographs and identity documents to verify the caller’s identity against the supplied documents. • Performs document validation checks on proof of identity and proof of residence documents. • Records video and voice for record purposes. • Creates a summary report which serves as evidence that FICA has been carried out on the client.

Name CEO: Ryan Barlow (CTO)
Company founded in: 2000
Country: South Africa
Website: www.e4.co.za
Category: Innovative Banking


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