Eagle Global Markets

We democratize financial trading by enabling our clients trade Global Markets with their local currency

Eagle Global Markets (EGM) is a Pan African multi-asset derivative firm that allows our clients trade Global Markets in their local currency in real time on the web browser and on mobile devices (IOS and Android). We offer two platforms, the MT4 platform and our ground breaking innovative Cloudtrade Platform that enables clients trade with Naira. Our Cloudtrade platform eliminates all forex risk. Capital requirements, data costs and transparency are just a few of the many reasons why trading non-domestic products was difficult to trade in one’s local currency. EGM provides the opportunity for clients who previously had to face the hassles of operating a U.S. dollar-denominated account to access financial markets. To achieve this feat, the company took into consideration the most pressing needs of traders and investors and went ahead to build their proprietary platform called the CloudTrade. Eagle Global Markets not only makes trading global markets more accessible but we also address issues such as a local currency risk and having to contract with foreign entities. We established EGM as we want to educate and nurture our clients into confident self-directed traders who want the freedom our multi-asset, multi-device trading platform delivers. Together our trading can soar.

Name CEO: Gbite Oduneye
Company founded in: 2016
Country: Nigeria
Website: www.eagleglobalmarkets.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/egmarkets
Category: InvestTech


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