EasyEquities/ SatrixNOW

It's never been easier to invest.

EasyEquities is an online investment platform which makes it fun, easy and cheap for anyone to buy shares. The platform has replaced the jargon and intimidating fees you’d expect to find on other stockbroking platforms, with simple explanations and helpful recommendations – think Facebook, Uber and Amazon. There's no minimum investment, no monthly fees and the lowest trading costs in the market (investors pay only 64c per R100 invested)

Satrix and EasyEquities have the same endgame in mind – to deliver a slick, easy-to-use investing platform. That’s why they partnered in the rollout of SatrixNOW. Satrix is a leading provider of index-tracking investment products in South Africa with more than R50 billion in assets under management invested in a wide range of retail and institutional offerings. They offer both unit trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Having already established a low cost platform that enables people to invest in South African shares and ETF’s, the team has since developed the availability to invest in a selection of US stocks and ETFs as well. It has also produced products and solutions to cater to new customer needs; many of which surround developing good saving habits, gaining a better understanding of what to invest in, and building portfolios in line with their personal financial goals and investment styles. The first of these products was Baskets; a collection of shares that are pre-selected and weighted by a financial analyst, asset manager or personality. Baskets enable people to invest in a diversified portfolio of shares or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are associated with different levels of risk, with whatever investment amount they have available. Seeing the need for a more managed offering resulted in the development of a similar but more sophisticated tool: Bundles. Bundles, like baskets, offer users access to a portfolio of shares or ETFs based on their risk appetite but are chosen, weighted and rebalanced by an asset manager, giving users access to advanced investment strategies which they might have otherwise been excluded from or out of their financial reach.

Name CEO: EasyEquities CEO: Charles H Savage / SatrixNOW CEO: Helena Conradie
Company founded in: 2013
Country: South Africa
Website: https://www.easyequities.co.za/
Twitter: @EasyEquities and/or @SATRIX_SA
Category: InvestTech


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