AI-powered chatbots for the financial industry

We design bots helping our clients connect with their digital audience through new communication channels. With a potential market of up to 30 million users and with one of two South Africans accessing the internet only via mobile, we aim to make financial services available to everybody, and even fun! By deploying this innovative technology on both websites and messaging platforms (Messenger, WeChat etc.), we connect our clients with their audience through the communication channels they prefer and in the way they most enjoy: text! We believe our technology positively impacts both our clients and their users. Firstly our bots are human-friendly and intuitive to interact with. Our secret? Combining wisely designed scenarios and AI to make the user experience more personalised and enjoyable. Indeed, we run complex machine learning algorithms able to cluster relevant data together. As a consequence, our bots will automatically learn how to speak with each specific customer. The more experience our bots have the more they learn and the more genuine the conversations will be. Secondly, by automating customer support, we reduce our clients call-centre costs so they can offer more competitive prices for their customers. Simultaneously, our bot will be able to lighten the amount of work for call centres agents and tackle all the tedious tasks. Consequently, the agents will be focused on important tasks that need human action. Its a win-win!

Name CEO: Antoine Paillusseau
Company founded in: 2016
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @finchatbot
Category: Innovative Banking


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