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Financial inclusion is only a small step in enabling new market entrants opportunity to an included life. is a user-friendly online portal which provides totally independent, unbiased and transparent facts and figures about similar financial services products on offer from different financial services institutions. allows users to compare 32 different financial products from various financial services providers. These range from loans (personal and student), cheque accounts and debit cards all the way through to foreign exchange and unit trusts. The number and range of products available for comparison on are growing all the time. Fincheck helps users choose the product which will best suit their needs and their pockets. Targeting ordinary South African consumers who do not need high levels of financial literacy to use the portal, Fincheck empowers them to make critical financial decisions based on accurate information before making a commitment, and before entering into the financial services market. Fincheck will be known as the best place to come for 'all things finance' as we build out more and more value for the customer in order for them to know and understand their money and make better financial decisions. Fincheck bridges and completes the inclusion network by informing market participants of what the products do, how they should be used and also how much they cost. In turn making it easier for people to make better financial decisions. Keep an eye out for free credit reports, budgeting tools, tax return features and more!

Name CEO: Michael Bowren
Company founded in: 2015
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @fincheckcompare
Category: Lending & Financing


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