First National Bank (FNB)

FNB has the best mobile banking experience in South Africa!

The FNB Banking App was a first for banking in South Africa. What makes the FNB Banking App unique is the seamless integration of additional value added services to the traditional banking functions. The latest version of the FNB Banking App offers a mobile & customer first solution that caters for contactless payments, financial, retail, rewards & security applications. Customers have 1 app to fully manage all their banking needs from a smartphone.

To deliver a full digital bank the requirement specified: contactless payments security (sim swop, phishing, identity theft prevention, device management) sales (account, credit card, investment, loans) service (cardmanagement, view PIN, live chat) rewards earn & spend (augmented reality, balances, card ordering) FNB Pay is the first interoperable mobile contactless payment solution in Africa. Smart inContact securely approves transactions without an OTP, verifies user devices, allows fraud reporting in 1 tap, & notifies customers of every transaction in & out of their accounts via push messages. Clients can fully open accounts on the app without interaction with call centres & branches. Card & account management lets you temporarily block/unblock cards, cancel & order cards for delivery & view PINs. Rewards (eBucks) can be tracked, & retail stores found via augmented reality to spend rewards currency. Customers can also redeem coupons instore or purchase vouchers as a gift or personal use for various retailers. The app’s transactions have grown by 80% YoY for the period 2015/16. Over 21,000 customers have contactless wallets to tap & pay with FNB Pay. Over 65% of the Online Banking customer base uses the FNB App, and have their transaction notifications delivered via secure push notifcations. Over 5,000 clients have linked a smartwatch to the FNB App, and more than 300,000 clients use fingerprint ID to login to their app. More than 70% of the customer base login over 5 times per month.

In line with our eRace, we have introduced nav» short for “navigation” providing smart new tools on the FNB App, designed to point our customers in the right direction when addressing angst in their lives. nav» Home launched late 2016, the key feature is the ability to get a free instant value estimate for a property. The various solutions have contributed to 247% growth in pay-out values since inception (across channels). In addition nav» Car launched this month, offering seamless licence disc renewal with delivery to your door. Since launch we have loaded 38 000 vehicles.

What makes the FNB experience unique is that we have created an Ecosystem where customers can access everything they need from their bank in one place. So that is why FNB is one of the most innovative banks in Africa.

Name CEO: Jacques Celliers
Company founded in: 1970
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @FNBSA
Category: Incumbent Banks


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