I Know First, Ltd.

Selecting investments using artificial intelligence

I Know First, Ltd. brings science and math to the financial world by providing daily investment forecasts based on an advanced self-learning algorithm. Developed by CTO Lipa Roitman (PhD from Weizmann Institute – 35 years of experience), the algorithm utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques through which I Know First is able to analyze, model and predict the stock market.

Predictions are generated daily for a growing universe of over 3000 securities, including stocks, world indices, ETFs, interest rates and more for the short, medium and long term horizons. The algorithm is applied to discover the best investment opportunities and used as a decision support system for existing investment processes or to develop systematic trading strategies. It is adaptable and scalable allowing comprehensive customized algorithmic solutions including integration of additional markets depending on clients’ needs – family offices, wealth management firms and hedge funds – as well as fund management partnerships. Furthermore, by offering top-notch technology to retail clients, I Know First also empowers private investors to identify opportunities in markets and manage their portfolios with more confidence.

I Know First has been able to grow both its institutional and retail client base by 400% during 2013-2015.

After focusing on and establishing our unique solution in the U.S., our ultimate goal is to help investors uncover hidden opportunities across the globe and increase liquidity in the local markets. Having already started the process in the Eurozone and East Asia we are planning to apply our technology for the African stock markets.

Name CEO: Yaron Golgher
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Israel
Website: http://iknowfirst.com/
Twitter: @i_Know_First
Category: InvestTech


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