i-Pay is an exciting new online Automatic EFT payment gateway

Our software allows a consumer to effortlessly access and make secure, instant EFT payments directly into a merchant's bank account. i-Pay facilitates transactions via e-commerce, mobile, eBilling and in-store transactions, saving the consumer time, and also saving the merchants money. Over and above the South African market, i-Pay is in the process of expanding its footprint into other markets globally, with Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Australia planned to go live at the end of July 2017, with an additional five European locations by end of December 2017. The system is completely card-less and transactions are concluded in under 45 seconds. Payments can be made via eCommerce sites, SMS, Email, QR Code or via Push Payments. Unlike the traditional payment methods, there is no need for consumers to load beneficiaries, reference numbers and amounts due for payment. The software automatically populates this information, mitigating the risk of the consumer capturing information incorrectly. The merchant has absolute certainty that the amounts will be received on all successful transactions and are allocated accurately, based on the reference number linked to the payment. Three of our main competitive advantages currently is: 1. Faster: i-Pay processes payments for its clients and their end users much faster than its competitors. 2. Customisable: i-Pay’s back-end functionality makes it very customisable to the needs of a business (as opposed to the standard, rigid offerings of competitors). 3. Cutting edge software: i-Pay has developed a cutting edge software that is able to adapt fast to bank changes. Our Value Proposition: South African banks lost R252.2m in card fraud in 2015 according to Sabric (sabric.co.za/media-and-news/posts/card-fraud-booklets). Online payments are cumbersome with payments taking up to 48 hours or more to reflect, depending on the bank and prone to fraud. Globally, card fraud losses reached $21.84b and are projected to increase to $31.67b in 2020. One of the reasons for such a fraud risk on cards is that the card as we know it was never designed to facilitate on-line payments. Providing the 16 digit card number, with expiry dates, CVV security code and card holder name exposes the consumer to, not only identity theft but cyber fraud as well. Our system mitigates this risk as it is a completely cardless system. Furthermore, we made absolutely certain that our software is water tight from a cybercrime perspective and continue to work on enhancement. We have been around for the past three years and are currently processing over R1b worth of transactions. To date, we have not received a single report of fraudulent activity on our platform. This does not mean that there have not been attempts. But everyone was unsuccessful.

Name CEO: Thomas Pays
Company founded in: 2014
Country: South Africa
Website: www.i-pay.co.za
Twitter: @iPaycoza
Category: Payments & Transfers


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