Ipreo (Pty) Ltd.

Ipreo powers the networks that connect capital to ideas.

Since its inception, Ipreo has transformed global capital markets by finding new ways to connect them. We are a change-leading FinTech firm that provides all participants in the capital-raising process – sell-side banks, buy-side investors, and public and private companies – with data-driven intelligence and innovative software solutions. Ipreo’s data and solutions are critical to connecting market participants and enabling the efficient execution of capital-raising activities – in short, we make the markets work! Ipreo’s Cape Town operation has long been a critical component of Ipreo’s global success, employing more than 120 people in a wide range of roles from technology developers to client-facing market analysts. We recently invested in a new expanded space (with ribbon-cutting by the mayor of Cape Town) and are committed to aggressively recruiting in South Africa. Ipreo has even leveraged our sizeable base of operations in London to help entice Africans living in the UK back to Africa through “Homecoming Revolution”. We are heavily engaged with the technology community in Cape-Town, collaborating with organizations like codeX to help train young developers and hosting FinTech Meet-ups. It’s our firm belief that by doing our part to help grow South Africa’s economy, we further Ipreo’s growth as well.

Name CEO: Scott Ganeles
Company founded in: 2006
Country: South Africa
Website: Ipreo.com
Twitter: @IpreoCapMarkets
Category: InvestTech


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