Integrating mobile money and credit card payments, SMS, email, social networks and geo location.

M-Changa turns traditional giving practice on its head, places it into hyper-drive and lets popular mobile technologies do the rest. So get ready! Whether you're fundraising on your Mobile Phone or Online, a personalized and automated start to finish fundraiser management experience awaits you!

M-Changa helps you raise more funds, from more people, in a fast, efficient and transparent way. From M-Pesa to Airtel Money, Equitel to PayPal, M-Changa has you covered.

M-Changa will allow you to invite an unlimited number of supporters, automatically keep track of donations, and send free reminders to everyone in your fundraiser.

You can invite anyone in the world to participate, and accept donations via Credit Card / Paypal.

With M-Changa your money is secure and can be withdrawn at anytime. You can also elect up to 3 treasurers to authorize withdrawals.

You can manage your M-Changa fundraiser on your Mobile Phone or Online.

Setting up a fundraiser on M-Changa is FREE! Your supporters will pay no fees to contribute.

Name CEO: Kyai Mullei
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Kenya
Website: www.changa.co.ke
Twitter: @m_changa
Category: Lending & Financing


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