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Nomanini, meaning ‘Anytime’ in siSwati, is a South African-based enterprise payments platform provider that optimises transactions in the informal market. The problem: There are 500m unbanked people in Africa. These are potential bank account holders, but most earn just $5 a day and are widely distributed geographically. They generally make small value transactions frequently. Consequently, banks tend to ignore this market because building and maintaining banking channels, such as branches, ATMs, and even agency banking, are considered too expensive to serve them. Our solution: Nomanini enables financial inclusion via local informal retail merchants, who already serve as a daily touch point for over 80% of people in Africa. Nomanini enables merchants and agents to facilitate a wide-range of basic transactions including mobile top-ups, utility payments, remittances, deposits, withdrawals, account opening and mobile money/card acceptance. Nomanini works with banks to enable existing third party merchant aggregators, such as mobile and FMCG distributors, to acquire and serve merchants efficiently. Nomanini has Pan-African partnerships enabling thousands of merchants and agents provide payment and banking services in their local communities. Watch our 2 minute video to hear more from Vuyile, one of our merchants in South Africa.

Name CEO: Vahid Monadjem
Company founded in: 2011
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @Nomanini
Category: Payments & Transfers


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