Financial inclusion meets Innovation at Packline Systems

Packline is an ICT company offering banking solutions for over 300+ clients around the globe. Established in 2006 with offices located in Nairobi Kenya, we have an established specialized technical team of full time and part time employees spread across different departments. Packline is a known force in the ICT provision in the banks with over 90 banks using our systems and professional services across different countries in Africa. We have experience in different systems such as Money transfer and Mobile money, ATM/POS switch and gateways, Agency banking, clearing systems, EFT, SWIFT and RTGS systems, HR and Payroll, reconciliation systems, SOA ESB solutions and Executive dashboards. At Packline, we have a very strong and experienced innovative team which has supplied ICT and business consultancy services to many different banks across different countries in Africa. Our solutions have enabled our partners not only gain a competitive edge but also brought financial services to the under privileged, under-banked and un-banked. Packline envisions the Internet as not just the Inter-Network of computers but also as a global village where new communities, ideas, habits emerge, old ones die and as such it represents a completely new platform for the traditional business to use and tap the new resources now available at a relatively lower cost. In addition, we believe in nurturing the new generation of software engineers, this has led us to partner with colleges and universities in an internship program that allows students experience first hand what it takes to design, develop and implement software solutions that impact and transform the society. And so we believe this award will serve as a well deserved morale booster for us at Packline, as a recognition of our hard work and effort in making a positive mark in our societies.

Name CEO: Mr. Kola Agbalu
Company founded in: 2006
Country: Kenya
Category: Innovative Banking


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