Paga is Payments. It is the #1 way to pay and get paid in Nigeria

7 years ago Paga set out to solve the inefficiency of payments for businesses and consumers, and make financial services accessible to all Nigerians and today, we have crossed a major milestone of 5 million customers and we are very proud! It’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey! We have achieved so much because our team is dedicated to the mission and a desire to build a company that will have a lasting impact on Nigeria and be around 200+ years. The anchor of our business is our shared agent network — women and men who are entrepreneurs across Nigeria. With 10,000 agents, Paga is the single largest network of financial access points in Nigeria. Despite the macro situation in Nigeria we continue to grow at a strong pace. We hit 3 million users June 2015. This means in 14 months we have gained 2 million users. Our transactions demonstrate the fast pace of growth even further. From Jan 2012-June 2015 we processed US$1bn. The next 12 months, July 2015-July 2016, we processed over US$800m! The ability to send money P2P and to pay businesses (online and offline) will be the major driver of our growth in this phase of our history.

Name CEO: Tayo Oviosu
Company founded in: 2009
Country: Nigeria
Twitter: @mypaga
Category: Payments & Transfers


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