Paycorp connects people with their money and businesses with their customers.

Paycorp is a leading provider of payment solutions in developing economies. We deliver safe, easy access to cash and payment services to millions of under-banked people in developing economies through 5500+ ATMs, 22000 POS and vending terminals & 500+ card programmes in 16 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia, with a fledgling business in Eastern Europe. Paycorp was built on a single idea by our South African founder, Steven Kark, who decided in 1998 that ATMs should be located closer to the people who used them. Seventeen years on, after installing Africa’s first independent ATM in 2000, Paycorp has continued to create a series of firsts including the first wireless communication ATM and the first solar powered ATM. The spirit of our company is all about having fun, making money and doing good, and every business decision uses these core principles. But it’s not just all about us. We also want our business to add value to our clients, partners and the wider community. So our purpose is to connect people with their money and businesses with their customers.

Name CEO: Steven Kark
Company founded in: 1999
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @Paycorp_SA
Category: Payments & Transfers


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