Ping Express

Connecting families by putting a smile on their faces with the Ping Express Instant Money Transfer Service.

Ping Express was created out of a burning desire to make it easier for everyone to make a meaningful impact on the lives of family and friends by sending some money to help pay tuition, buy medicine, food and clothing. Our technology is built the African way and to support Africans in the diaspora. It is built based on the knowledge of the varying cultures, beliefs and life styles. Our free and very low transaction fees saves our members money and puts more money in their beneficiaries’ pockets through highly efficient delivery of funds. Our members are not just customers, they are part of the Ping Express family, helping friends and families. This allows a member to send as little as $20 to provide for food for a family of four (4) for a week. The little things that remind our members of home; the links and stories that binds us all together! Our technology puts the sender in control of where, when and how he or she chooses to send money. Thus eliminating the need: • To leave work early for the agents’ office before it closes • To carry cash while initiating or completing a transfer, and • To share with others or third parties on how much is being sent and to who. With the Ping Express mobile application or website, you are within seconds of making someone smile.

Name CEO: Anslem Oshionebo
Company founded in: 2015
Country: United States
Twitter: @thepingexpress
Category: Payments & Transfers


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