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RainFin's marketplace lending for corporate institutions is a first of its kind in South Africa. Corporate institutions can now obtain funding from RainFin's collective network of lenders. This means that lenders can now provide medium term loans to reputable, high quality established corporates, providing them with the same efficiency and flexibility to develop bigger enterprise opportunities, faster.

RainFin enables small to medium businesses to get finance from a community of lenders. With a deeper understanding of a business' life cycle to succeed, we've designed a unique score card that takes a comprehensive look at a business' overall financial health, its future cash flow potential and general company creditworthiness. RainFin is the smartest way for businesses to obtain funding in a fast, efficient, cost effective and flexible way.

RainFin's lending marketplace facilitates direct connections between creditworthy individuals, to borrow money from verified lenders at competitive interest rates and low fees. Borrowers receive loan offers from multiple lenders, who have the flexibility to choose which borrowers they want to lend money to.

Lend money safely and securely to creditworthy individuals, businesses or corporations. Lenders have flexibility to choose which borrowers they want to fund. Diversify your risk by making small loans to a large number of borrowers. Lenders have the flexibility to sell loans on the secondary marketplace.

Name CEO: Sean Emery
Company founded in: 2012
Country: South Africa
Website: www.rainfin.com
Twitter: @Rainfin1
Category: Lending & Financing


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