Real Estate Crowdfunding DotCoZA

Specialised Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding platform - Africa's first

Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa – The Digital Ubuntu Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa is the first ever commercial real estate crowdfunding platform in South Africa. Our aim is to enable digital “Ubuntu”, and make commercial real estate investment within the reach of every South African. In the past, the majority of people were not able to participate in commercial real estate investments due to affordability and stringent lending criteria, yet this part of the real estate industry is one of the most lucrative.

By bringing people together on a sharing and co-operating platform - which Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa aims to achieve - their buying power grows exponentially and many opportunities which were previously challenging or out of reach, now become possible.

It is through this togetherness and sharing amongst potential investors that “Ubuntu” is realised. On Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa, everyone can become a property investor!

According to a number of online sources1, “Ubuntu” is known as “human-ness”, “the sharing”, "humanity towards others" or "The belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity". In this day and age it could not be more true. Today more than ever, humanity is experiencing its bond, connectedness and interdependence.

Technology has made possible, and brought back into the limelight, something that ancient cultures have known for thousands of years – that everything on this planet and in the universe is connected, and that what affects one, affects all.

Simultaneously, there are more and more conscious businesses emerging in the World - whereby people are mindful of the environment, planet, people and community as a whole, while still generating profit and uplifting everyone and everything involved. It is through this symbiotic relationship of consciously conducting business and uplifting others that the new environment is born.

Conscious Property Alchemy – is a brain child of Slaven Gajovic, founder and Ceo of Maximum Group – and is the business movement that promotes conscious business in property development and investments.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa promotes the age of Digital Ubuntu, and is a platform that enables people to connect, interact, bond and conduct property investments and development - consciously.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Dot CoZa - Together we are stronger!

Name CEO: Slaven Gajović
Company founded in: 2016
Country: South Africa
Category: InvestTech


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