StokFella (Pty) Ltd

StokFella is a solution for every stokvel to administrate and collectively unlock opportunities in group saving culture.

Every stokvel’s dream is to pursue financial freedom in some form; whether by saving for a holiday; groceries or investments. However, limiting this dream is administration nightmares; lack of leveraging collaboration amongst stokvel groups and no access to true value offerings. StokFella removes these limitations and using the power of mobile technology we give the power to stokvels to efficiently pursue their dream.

At StokFella, our purpose is to put the power of informed financial management and financial decision making in the hands of all stokvels. By providing all stokvels with a world class mobile solution that allows them to organise, manage, communicate, visualise and be more efficient in growing their wealth; we believe together with stokvels we will be able to move towards a richer future benefiting the members and their communities.

We are committed to see all stokvel groups and their members run orderly, in a professional manner and succeeding in their objectives. That is why for us, Every Stokvel Matters because we know how important it is to have a stable and empowered stokvel that makes a difference in its member’s lives.

We are a young talented team from various backgrounds with a diversity of skills. Each of us have been part of a stokvel or a burial society on a personal capacity or indirectly from a young age through our mothers and fathers. Hence our talent is deeply routed in understanding a stokvel’s needs and offering innovative solutions that are directed in revolutionising how all stokvel members view and manage their stokvel group(s).

Our Dream is to provide every ordinary hard working citizen; cleaner, waiter, security guard, taxi driver, helper and all; an opportunity to pursue financial freedom through their stokvel.

Name CEO: Tshepo Moloi
Company founded in: 2015
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @StokFellaSA
Category: InvestTech


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