Creating financial inclusion using smart technology

We have a toolbox of ready-to-go platforms that banks and financial institutions can rapidly white-label and present to market in order to stay relevant to the millennial, centennial, unbanked and underbanked markets.

Our platforms include:
1. An online academy- this provides an online, trackable, gamified learning experience.
2. An intelligent robo-advisor- a DIY advice platform that is underpinned by emotional algorithms that allow the system to intelligently adjust its course according to who its speaking to.
3. Digital KYC & FICA- no more paper or branches we provide a quick and easy real-time online verification solution.
4. Personal Financial Management Tools- allowing clients to have one view of their financial lives and get content based on their financial products and services.
5. Conversational User Interfaces- banking without branches and investing without brokers using only text commands.

Name CEO: Annabel Dallamore
Company founded in: 2013
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @stockshopportal
Category: InvestTech


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