The safest payment alternative for online shopping in South Africa

VCpay is the ultimate payment app that lets you create virtual credit cards for shopping online, in-app, over the phone or even to book a rental car. In just a matter of minutes you can sign-up, fund your FREE account and start transacting, safely and securely.

When providing card information on any service, you’re often worried about the risk that sharing these details will present. That’s why VCpay is so awesome; it replaces your plastic card with an option that gives you total control over how much and how often any one card can be utilised for.

So next time you’re paying online, use a VCpay card to do the job. That way you never have to put your credit card or money at risk again.

But it’s not only a safe payment alternative, it also gives those without a way to pay access to a debt FREE credit card. Now young adults, whether at school or starting out in their careers, have an easy and secure way to pay for all the new and upcoming services that require a credit card. From UBER, Netflix, iTunes to Appetite we’ve got you covered :)

Name CEO: Philip Belamant
Company founded in: 2015
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @VCpaySA
Category: Payments & Transfers


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