VoguePay was created in 2012 with a vision to make online, cross-currency payments and transactions safer, cheaper and more accessible for businesses, traders and consumers in Africa and internationally. This unique online payment processor offers buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use means of transacting business online such that site owners to receive payment for their goods and services on their website without any setup fee. The e-payment platform serves hundreds of thousands of small businesses in four continents including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition to accepting payment, Voguepay's comprehensive fintech solutions are helping businesses to grow - and individuals to prosper - by removing the barriers and the complications to local and international trade. VoguePay’s contributions to businesses in Africa has been recognized with multiple awards including the “African Online Payment Platform of the year” (African Achievers Award) and “Best Emerging Online Payment Platform in Africa (African Information Technology and Telecom Awards, 2016) We’re the payment bridge between Africa and the rest of the world.

VoguePay has a unique in-built currency conversion platform that enables businesses to perform inter-currency transaction. A seller in Kenya can initiate transaction to someone in South Africa with each of them participating in their local currencies. In addition to accepting payment, VoguePay incorporates analytics for tracking transactions as well as several modules and extensions for instant integration with third-party sites. 

VoguePay's mission is to connect African businesses with a global audience. We solve a global problem faced by small businesses by helping them to send and receive payment. Merchants can use VoguePay with or without a website and signing up for a VoguePay account is free. As a result of the impact of VoguePay, we have won three awards within the year including, Best Emerging Online Payment in Africa, African Online Payment Platform of the Year and Custodian of the Nigerian Dream Award among other recognitions.

Company founded in: 2012
Country: Nigeria
Website: www.voguepay.com
Twitter: @voguepay
Category: Payments & Transfers


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