Affordable risk management for the developing world.

WorldCover's peer-to-peer lending platform protects farmers from natural disasters and gives investors diversified returns and direct social impact.

Our mission is to help farmers in the developing world reduce risk.

Smallholder farmers everywhere face the constant threat of drought and 90% of them have no access to crop insurance. There is no social safety net.  When there is drought, farmers lose more than just their income -- they lose the ability to pay school fees for their children and feed their families.


Investing with WorldCover gives you diversified exposure to insurance investments tied to natural risks, like weather.

  • Choose among sets of customers around the world looking for insurance for different risks: 
    -   Maize farmers in Ghana
    -   Coffee farmers in Peru
    -   Rice farmers in the Dominican Republic
  • Earn a portion of premiums paid by the customer
  • Your funds are used for payouts if a drought occurs

Investors seek a source of diversified returns that are not subject to financial system crashes. They care about using their funds to enable the growth and resiliency of society. They want to build a better world and build their wealth while doing so.

Name CEO: Christopher Sheehan
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Ghana
Twitter: @WorldCovr
Category: Lending & Financing


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