A licensed multi-counter stock exchange that is disrupting South Africa’s financial markets

ZAR X is not only South Africa’s first new stock exchange in 58 years. It is also the only fintech in the country operating as a stock exchange – and the only one focused on enabling financial access and inclusion. It represents a philosophical and operational watershed in the financial markets. It uses technology to slash by up to 80% the costs of a company listing on an exchange. This enables small and medium companies to list, exponentially expanding investment opportunities for both institutions and the (wo)man in the street. The ZAR X platform also makes it profitable for small to medium brokers to serve the vast and hitherto untapped retail market. It enables the average citizen to acquire a stake in business success with an investment as small as R1 000, massively expanding access to new exciting investment opportunities. While other exchanges are still at T+3 days, ZAR X’s world leading platform enables settlement of trades in 10 seconds, de-risking transactions and reducing systemic risk. And, because ZAR X is enabling the building of the nation’s savings and investment culture via a business vision and a technology platform that relentlessly strips complexity from the process of raising capital, it accelerates business growth and, therefore, job creation.

Name CEO: Etienne Nel
Company founded in: 2015
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @ZARX_xchange
Category: InvestTech


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