Accept payment anywhere, any time with the cheapest transaction fees in South Africa.

ZipZap’s philosophy is all about growing small businesses by giving them a mobile, cost-effective POS payment solution. ZipZap allows you to accept payment with a debit or credit card anywhere, any time. There are three different payment options on offer to best suit your pocket and cash flow, and the transaction fees are the cheapest on the market. After investing in a mobile POS device our customers generally report a higher turnover because they no longer need to turn their customers away if they don’t have cash. They’re also able to reduce bad debt because they don’t have to chase after EFT payments, which ultimately results in better cash flow. ZipZap has thousands of happy customers that include markets, doctors, health and sports professionals, artisans, retailers, bakeries, hairdressers, beauty salons, micro-breweries, B&Bs, restaurants and many more. If you are a mobile business, don’t want to rely on a fixed point-of-sale terminal or would like a back-up for your traditional POS for queue-busting or when the power is out, ZipZap can benefit your business.

Name CEO: Steven Kark
Company founded in: 2012
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @zipzap_mpos
Category: Payments & Transfers


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