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FinTech Africa is a sister organisation of CFO South Africa. CFO South Africa connects finance professionals online and off in order to share knowledge, exchange interests and open up business opportunities. Through building the community CFO South Africa contributes to the growth of the country. Over 3000 finance professionals have already joined CFO South Africa.

FinTech Africa is here to encourage innovation in South African financial services to enhance financial inclusion and to let Africa prosper. FinTech Africa is here for you. For you as a consumer to keep track of better financial services that are being developed, for you as a FinTech company trying to get connected to the ecosystem and for experts, bankers and investors to show their thought-leadership and to develop business.

FinTech Africa

The way this is accomplished is mainly by means of events. The events in Africa so far were the FinTech Africa Event at GIBS, the F inTech Africa Investment Event, the FinTech Africa Blockchain Event and FinTech Africa Financial Inclusion Event. All key stakeholders of the (South) African FinTech space are already connected, so get connected too.


CFO South Africa is also the organiser of the European and African FinTech community with the European FinTech Awards & Conference and African FinTech Awards as the flagship events. Furthermore FinTech Europe organises the FinTech Expo and several smaller FinTech events. Joining the FinTech community yields you interesting connections with Europe's and Africa's most important stakeholders in its FinTech space.


Your primary contact for the African FinTech Awards is Ms Maud Meijvis, mmeijvis@cfo.co.za   Tel.  +31 6 15 17 32 10

The African FinTech Awards and Conference forms an integrated part of Finance Indaba Africa. Finance Indaba Africa is the largest conference and expo for finance professionals on the continent. Find out more on Finance-Indaba.com.

The African FinTech Awards and Finance Indaba Africa are organised by CFO Enterprises South Africa Pty Ltd 


33 Impala Road, Chislehurston, Sandton 2196, Office telephone: + 27 11 083 7515
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Manager FinTech Africa: Maud Meijvis, mmeijvis@cfo.co.za, ( LinkedIn ), mobile: +31 6 15 17 32 10

Managing director Graham Fehrsen,  gfehrsen@cfo.co.za , ( LinkedIn ), mobile: +27 79 898 0227

Chief editor: Joel Roerig,  jroerig@cfo.co.za , ( LinkedIn ), mobile: +27 76 371 2856

Operations Manager: Sarah Chalmers,  schalmers@cfo.co.za , mobile: +27 82 570 9482

Director: Melle Eijckelhoff,  meijckelhoff@cfo.co.za  , ( LinkedIn ), mobile NL: +31 62 001 3546 | mobile SA: +27 82 584 6243

Founder: Alex van Groningen,  avangroningen@cfo.co.za , ( LinkedIn ), mobile NL: +31 65 064 3283 | mobile SA: +27 76 945 2905

FinTech Africa

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