Pictures, videos and presentations

In case you missed anything, here you can find all pictures, videos and presentations of the African FinTech Awards 2016. 

With EasyEquities-SatrixNow as overall winner of the 2016 African FinTech Awards an amazing day ended with in total 18 pitches of the most promising African FinTech companies and most innovative incumbent banks. The winning companies are: Baobab by Microcred (Retail Banking), The Sun Exchange (Blockchain & Bitcoin), EasyEquities - SatrixNow (InvestTech), Cellulant (Payments & Transfers), Ovamba (Lending & Financing) and FNB (Incumbent Bank).

The revolutionary share-trading platform of EasyEquiteis-SatrixNow, which allows investors to buy fractions of popular shares painlessly and at low cost, was awarded more points by the judges than any other nominee. It also scooped the honours in the InvestTech category, beating property-trading platform WealthMigrate and daily investment forecast vehicle I Know First to the award.

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