The African FinTech Awards of 12 October 2017 forms an integrated part of the Finance Indaba Africa in Sandton Convention Center Johannesburg. The Finance Indaba Africa is the biggest annual expo and conference for finance professionals. It brings together peers, technology suppliers, platforms, banks, tools, specialists, CFOs and thought leaders. Over 7,000 visitors tap into a wealth of resources, knowhow and inspiration. Gain unparalleled insights. Cut costs dramatically, send sales & productivity through the roof and boost your company's profits by 100 percent.

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On the main Expo floor of the Finance Indaba you find the dedicated FinTech Zone. This zone is specifically designed to meet the needs of trusted partners of the African FinTech Awards. In this zone FinTech is ubiquitous. Witness the development of new and innovative financial services and the boost it gives to financial inclusion.  Meet entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and advisors, extend your network and develop business.  

5 reasons to take part in the Finance Indaba Africa as an exhibitor and/ or speaker

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  1. In two days you will meet 7000 prospects interested in your services and solutions.
  2. Demonstrate the added value of your company extensively via product presentations, inspiration sessions and expert sessions.
  3. Are you looking to hire finance talent? Don't miss out the Finance Indaba.
  4. Your company will participate in the very extensive marketing campaign, which reaches more than 50,000 financial professionals.
  5. Finance Indaba Africa is the Africa's biggest event in the field of financial services from BI tools to dashboards, from process automation to planning tools to advise. Trends and developments of every kind will be on the agenda.


For extra information, please contact Maud Meijvis, via mmeijvis@cfo.co.za or sign up as an exhibitor today.

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